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Already have a Federal Contract?

So, you have a GSA Schedule Contract but no sales!  No one from the federal government has contacted you to buy your products or services.  This is certainly not what you imagined when you invested all that time and money to obtain the contract, is it?  Obviously not.

You wonder why your B to B sales team that has been so successful at bringing in corporate business, tells you that doing business with the federal government is to hard or just not worth the effort.  Are they right?  Well maybe, if they have never been given the resources, direction and training, or worse, they do not have buy in from management.  So what is left to discuss?  Well, plenty!  Keep in mind, on a yearly basis roughly 40% of all GSA Contract holders fail.  That means 60% succeed (yes, we admit that that number is skewed by the large corporations).  But, you too can succeed; you may just need a little help.  

And help is what M3 Government Services does best!


We will teach you the following:

  • How to find upcoming requests before they hit Fed Biz Ops, and more importantly, what to do with this information.


  • How to find the contracting officers that will be putting out the solicitations (keep in mind that it is not always the contracting officer that is the one who you really want.  Sometimes you have to dig deeper).  We will show you how and where to find these folks.


  • How to analyze an RFP and decide if you should even be bidding on it. (Bid-No Bid Analysis)


  • How to gather Competitive Intelligence and what to do with it.


  • How to build a proposal library.


  • What you should be asking during your debrief and what to do with that information.

In addition...

  • We will review and critique your past proposals. 


  • OK, so this list is not all encompassing.  We just want you to think about your organization, do you feel it could be successful in the Business to Government world if you had an experienced team to help?  So, think about it, and if you just want to talk about your options give us a call.  We are here to keep you mentally positive and business focused.